i get these weird impulses to dye my hair and it’s always at the most random time. and usually what happens is i show a picture, get my hair dyed, and either A. cry, B. smile and like it … for one hour, or C. am happy (RARRRREEE). so anyways, my last impulse was going (back) to ombre. yeah, no. this “ombre” lasted almost a week, and then my good senses told me to go buy box color brown and fix my hair as quick as humanly possible. thank you box color, i love you.


9 thoughts on “CRAZY HAIR IMPULSES

    • It’s the Smith in me ;). I’ve had the luck of being able to curve my humor to be not as twisted and cruel though, but hey, we all get on those ornery streaks every once in awhile right? right. 😛


  1. it looks soo pretty and healthy! i have cried over hair cuts and colors so many times – crazy how something so temporary can feel so traumatic.

    • Right? So many times, I’ve fried my hair to the point of pulling a B. Spears, and then I get a grip on reality and think, “okay, breath, IT’S ONLY HAIR”. Us women, we can be so silly!



  2. Your hair looks so healthy! I’m at a crossroads right now I need to dye my hair *SOON* but I don’t know what I want to do with it. My hair looks now like yours did on the first photo.

    • Hey girl,

      I totally have been in your boots way too many times. My advice is pick a picture you love, pick a stylist you TRUST 100% (unlike my mistake, that i repeatedly made), and then sit on that style for a good few days to make sure that hair lovin’ doesn’t go away. Good luck my friend!


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