i’ve been doing lots of picture fonts lately.



hey long time no pictures, huh? well i’m selling some clothing of mine which have been worn with love! if you are interested leave a comment or check out more items at postmark, username: growingpath.


today i figured i would just take some “outfit post” pictures. well i tried on two different outfits, put makeup on (which i never really wear), and threw jewelry on (another thing that never happens). i couldn’t get a good picture for the life of me. then something occurred to me. on a regular day, i’m wearing either a workout tank or a baggy t, spandex or running shorts, flipflops or my reebok shoes. who the hell was i dressed up as just then? not regular me, the occasional me. you never see people post outfit posts that actually apply to their lives. unless if you wear a pound of caked on makeup, (are you workin’ or walkin’) high heels, jewelry out of the butt, and a super cute bag (that i always want myself) everyday, then my apologies, you rock those awesome outfit posts! me on the other hand, no way jose. so here is me, plain and simple, as the jocky-but-wanna-be-fancy-but-rather-kick-ass-in-a-workout-instead-of-trying-to-workout-with-makeup-on-my-face GIRL.

ORANGE & HONEY SWEET TEA (a beautiful mess blog recipe)

over onĀ a beautiful mess blog, i found this delicious iced tea that i thought i’d test run before our engagement party this saturday. parker says, “too much honey for southern sweet tea” but i say, “screw you southern sweet tea, mid western not so freakin’ perfect tea can kick your ass!” … if you can’t tell, i enjoyed the tea and will be making it again, and i’m not from the south so my tea will never qualify as “true good sweet iced tea” <<<say in the most thick southern accent you can pull from deep down outta that southern lovin’ soul>>> .


i get these weird impulses to dye my hair and it’s always at the most random time. and usually what happens is i show a picture, get my hair dyed, and either A. cry, B. smile and like it … for one hour, or C. am happy (RARRRREEE). so anyways, my last impulse was going (back) to ombre. yeah, no. this “ombre” lasted almost a week, and then my good senses told me to go buy box color brown and fix my hair as quick as humanly possible. thank you box color, i love you.