i’ve been doing lots of picture fonts lately.


ORANGE & HONEY SWEET TEA (a beautiful mess blog recipe)

over onĀ a beautiful mess blog, i found this delicious iced tea that i thought i’d test run before our engagement party this saturday. parker says, “too much honey for southern sweet tea” but i say, “screw you southern sweet tea, mid western not so freakin’ perfect tea can kick your ass!” … if you can’t tell, i enjoyed the tea and will be making it again, and i’m not from the south so my tea will never qualify as “true good sweet iced tea” <<<say in the most thick southern accent you can pull from deep down outta that southern lovin’ soul>>> .


i get these weird impulses to dye my hair and it’s always at the most random time. and usually what happens is i show a picture, get my hair dyed, and either A. cry, B. smile and like it … for one hour, or C. am happy (RARRRREEE). so anyways, my last impulse was going (back) to ombre. yeah, no. this “ombre” lasted almost a week, and then my good senses told me to go buy box color brown and fix my hair as quick as humanly possible. thank you box color, i love you.